Bowling without thumb

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Can you bowling without the use of your thumb?

This was a question of our loyal readers.

New bowlers often do not have a custom made bowling ball and need to choose a ball from the rack of the bowling club.

The following problems can overcome them:
- the holes are too small
- the holes are too large
- the holes are too far apart
- the holes are too close to each other
- the holes are perfect but the weight of the ball is too much or too little
- for large holes and sweaty hands
- you have no more thumb
- or one or more combination of what is described above,

If your thumb or fingers are too big or too fine for the holes of the bowling ball than you can optain to let you make your own bowling ball. So they can measure out the exact holes.
If you already own a ball than the holes can always be made something bigger. Buying a  new bowling ball or measuring out the holes can best be done or asked in a bowling club.

If you buy an own ball you have to know that there are different types of balls, not only in weight but also according to what you want to overthrow. Thus, there are special strike balls and spare balls.

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Direction, stability and effect
You use your thumb in bowling to adjust your direction or to keep your ball stable.

Some people don't use their thumb, to give more effect or give some spin on the ball. This provide some training, I think. This fenomeen is called: Two Finger Bowling.

It does hold some risks such as the increase of wrist injuries and a completely unstable swing back towards whatever is not beneficial.

In our view, there is no rule to trend in which you are required to use your thumb while bowling.

Whether you have your thumb yet or not, we think it's perfectly possible to bowl without a thumb and score that strike.