Become a professional bowler! (bowling tips)

You can hear it often: Strike! and all the pins on your bowling lane are fallen in once, you get 10 points and the points of the next turn counts twice!

Do you sometimes go to a bowling with your friends, but don't know how to start playing the bowling-game? Or do you want to improve your bowling performance?

Well HERE you are on the right address!

How to become a specialist in bowling?
We shall begin with the basic rules of the game and a few tips how to get that strike.
Professionals will be able to throw that strike with an effect-bal with some of the tips on this page. You can always get better with some advice you maybe never knew if you didn't found this webpage.
One thing I absolutely want to say is the next:
Bowling is a game: it means you can win but also lose. It mostly has to do with good techniques, a positive attitude, concentration and choose a correct bal. But also many practice and a portion of luck are essential in this game. Don't let you disappoint by poor results in the beginning. The more you practice, the more techniques you own, the better results you get. It also depend from day to day. You will experience, that for some techniques, there always own interpretation are possible to get those 10 points. Everyone develops and uses his own techniques on his on way. But don't be scared to try some other techniques, who knows you get betters scores. Of course, learning a new technique requires a lot of time and practice. But why not trying some new things, after a little time, your average scores maybe can be higher than before.


An appropriate footwear that is closely connected to your feet's is a must. Make sure that they are not too small so that your feet are not tied up. The soles are fitted with leather or plastic to make them better slip to the line.

To rent from a bowling shoes that are supported by other people are not always ideal, sometimes it's possible that the summits of the soles are los, that they do not longer functioning properly or that the shoes are, quite simply, out of date and the sole simply became too smooth.

Do you go bowl on a regular basis, than we recommend you to buy yourself a good pair of shoes Note that the shoes are comfortable, just like you should wearing them for a hole day.

Number 12 is a signification of the weight of a bowling ball
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The bowling ball
The bowling-balls are made up of a round ball with 3 holes in, the thumb, middle finger and ring finger. The weight is expressed in pounds not in kilograms. In most cases, the weight indicated with a number, ranging from 6 to 16 pounds. This corresponds 2.5 to 7.5 kilograms.
There are a number of types of bowling-balls. The most common is intended to be straight to play. You can always add effect by turning your hand a little bit on the end of your throw.
There are also 'Strike-balls'. In the ball there's a kind of imbalance created by more weight to one side in opposite of the other side. If you should cut the ball in 2 half, you should see a kind of mushroom inside. They are usually fitted with a dot that indicates where the heaviest part of the ball is. You don't need to ad effect in your throw. Because there unbalanced weight goes the bowling-bal itself in a curve already rotating around his axis, even if you throw the ball straight. Because the ball go in an curve it went a little bit of to lift. To correct this you have to throw a little bit more to the lift. Lift-handed people have to throw a little more to the lift. The ball can be cleaned with special oil and polished with a cloth.
See here how to choose the right bowling ball.

Bowling tracks in an array
Bowling track
The bowling track

The track is made of wood or plastic and has a veneer of oil to improve the speed of the bowling bal. Next to the track there are gutters you prefer to avoid if you want to score pins. On the track there are black dots and vertical bars to see where you seeking at where the ball goes on the track. Sometimes you need to correct your seek by throw a few bars more to lift or right to be able of getting that pocket-ball.

The pins
Bowling pins
There are always 10 pins to attend the 1st roll. They are in and triangle with in the front the head-pin. This is very important because we must always try to get this pin in order to score points as far as possible. The ball right to this head-pin would return in to a 'split ". This means that in the farest left and right corner are remaining 1 or more pins. It's extremely difficult to get these pins in once in the second turn. Therefore, we always need to throw to the right side of the head-pin in the first turn, to have the many pins as possible, this is called a 'pocket-bal'. If the bal hits the head-pin on the left side of it than we speak of a 'Brooklyn-ball', in most cases, not all the pins will fall but it is not impossible that a strike can be obtained with a Brooklyn-ball.

The score-system
In the past, scores were written down on paper and counted by the people itself, these days does the computer this.
The scores follows like this.
A game consists of 10 turns (frames). 1 has, in itself, 2 throws. If all the pines have been fall at once we speak of a strike (you may be only 1 time throwing), you will receive 10 points + the points of the next two throws. If you throw all pins down in 2 throws than we speak of a spare, they are worth 10 points + the point of 1 extra throw. For the remaining counts each inspired pin for 1 point. The scores are added per turn.

Tips for throwing a good strike-ball

Here you can find more than 100 bowling tips and tricks for playing your bowling-game.

If you have any suggestions or photos, you’re always welcome:

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