In this method you draw an imaginary line from the point where you want the ball on the court to release him at the point where you want the pin. Then you have two or more control points build, on this imaginary line and so on where your ball should go. These control points can be dots or arrows, but also the darker or lighter boarders of the lane. By using two points, you will be more accurate. Most attention will have to go out to the line that follows the ball from the foul line, to the arrows. If your ball is on the imaginary line, you'll probably have good targeting. As the eyes are not in the line of the ball are located, there will be an optical illusion created. Usually you'll spot or line about two missing boards (usually left)? This you can compensate by set off two boarders to the right. Avoid 'paralysis analyze. Focus yourself on one thing at a time and work on this until it goes very easily for your. Sometimes it is possible to incorporate a second, but more than that will cancel out the whole process.

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