This method is far more accurate than the bowling pin, it’s used by many bowlers because of it’s accurateness. In this method, try a spot (a dot or an arrow) on the track to hit, without having to pin looks. Such a spot can be a dot or an arrow on the road, but also a dark or light board of the job. It is of course much easier to a spot, which is at a distance of 3, 6 or 15 feet from the foul line is located, the touch, then you focus on a pin, which at a distance of 60 feet from the foul line state. Of course, spot bowling only works if you have a regular and timely technology. If you still developing your technique, try not to hit a specific spot, but a certain area (go around the second arrow). Once your technique improves you can reduce your spot, so you always will get better spot bowling. The arrows or arrows which are at a distance of 15 feet from the foul line are suitable for use in the spot bowling. In general, the second from the right arrow used for the spares and strikes on the left, while for the spares to the right, the third arrow is used.

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