Bowling game with children

Do you want to organize a bowling game for kids? We invented the perfect game for you.

First, before we enter the bowling with the kids, we can do some warm up exercises:
We stretch the legs, and stoop with our tips of our fingers to the floor with your legs straight.
Then we stretch the arms in the air to waving around. First a few times with the left arm around and then with the right arm.
We rotate the head a few times from left to right and back.

If there are children that will bowl for the first time. I recommend to start against the line in the center and practice on the direction and swing of the arm.

You can stick dots on the track where the ball should roll to the right of the head-cone (pocket). On most bowlingtrack there is a possibility to heighten the gutters so no one throw there ball in the gutter.

Game Classification:
Suppose we have 12 people then you can split in teams of 4 persons on 1 track. We work with a score, and we share the game at 4 levels:

Level 1:
In the first level they need to hit the head-pin by throwing a ball. This should all add up.
The people of each team at the end of 1 bowling game that has hit the most head-pins may enter into a separate group to play on an other track, they each get 1 point noted. The other persons will be redistributed to the remaining three tracks and remain at a score of 0 points.

Level 2:
Now we practice on the spare. The persons who throw the most spares and strikes together has earned 1 point.
There is again a reorganization: the people of each group that has the most spares and strikes together will now play together on 1 track. The rest will redistributed again over the 3 remaining bowling tracks.

Level 3:
In this level where we only count the strikes. After 1 bowling game we count our strikes together. The people with the most strikes in every group gets a point.

Level 4:
In this fourth and last level it are the points of the game that count. The persons, who has the highest score of his team earned 1 point.

After these 4 bowling games, everybody counts there earned points together.
The person that earned the most points wins!

If there are persons that have the same score in one of the levels, for example 2 people with the same score. Then we have a job with 5 people and 1 job with 3 people.

If there are two or more persons have achieved the same score at the end of the levels then it is recommended that these individuals play a final match to determine who's the winner.

Have fun with this bowling game!

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