How to choose the right bowlingball?

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It's very important to find the right bowling ball for you because it determined if you throw a perfect
strike or spare.

The weight
There are various bowling balls in various weights from 6 till 16 pounds.
Don't get to enthusiastic. Don't take a ball that's too heavy to throw like one of 16 pounds.
Because after a while your muscles will begin to weaken.
We know that using a ball that's too heavy,  can cause injuries.
A ball that is to light on the other hand, is not good because you can throw the bowling ball to hard. In that way it can lose its direction, so the ball rolls in the gutter.
It's important to use a ball with a perfect weight that you can handle.

Sorts of bowling ball's
Mainly there are two sorts of bowling ball types:

Strike balls: The weight in these ball's aren't evenly in the ball. The heavier parts are integrated in a mushroom form in the ball.
Such ball will give you some effect on the end of the bowling track. It will turn a bit to the left. This without given it effect with your arm while throwing the ball. Just throw the ball in a straight way and on the end of the track it will deflect to the left. And like the word says, a strike ball is made to score strikes.

Spare balls: In this type of bowling balls the weight is equal divided. These are used to throw in a straight line, right on a pin. In this case the ball will not went off to the left on the end of the track, as long as you don't give effect with your arm while throwing the ball. Almost all the common bowling balls that you can find in bowling clubs are spare ball's.

The right finger holes
Take notice if you choose a ball, that the holes in the ball aren't too big or too small. You need an ideal grip on the ball to throw.
To large holes ensures that you lose grip. It can lead to letting the ball slipping away to soon, while your throwing.
To small holes where your fingers are squeezed can linger to your hand while you're throwing the ball. This way the ball can be to late on the track with the result of losing direction. The ball will be smacked on the track.
The holes may not too far or to close form each other.
The ball has to be fitted perfectly on your hands.
Which fingers should you use to hold the ball?
The thumb in the bottom, furthest hole, your index finger and your ring finger in the two upper holes.

Adverse effects of a not good fitted ball are:
- Less direction
- Less flow
- Spasmodic attitude
- Less control of your throw
- Injuries

Types and Brands of bowling balls
There are regular straight balls to throw, these spares are ideal for beginners. And there are light angled corner income, medium angled corner income, and heavily angled corner income balls designed for professionals to score a strikes.

The most famous brand for making bowling balls is with no doubt Brunswick. But there are other producers to: Columbia 300, Ebonite, Legend, Morich, Roto Grip, Storm, Track and Hammer.

Question it to a professional bowler
Question a professional bowler which balls they use and what they suggest you.
Ask them to if you can use their balls to try and compare the balls.

Where should you look for when choosing a bowling ball?
- The weight, is it to heavy or to light?
- Do I choose a 'strike ball' or a 'spare ball'. Most professionals have both. On to score a strike the other to make spares.
- Are the holes right fitted, not too big or too small.
- Are the holes in a proper distance from each other?
- Can the ball be handled good?

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